Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flower markets

Chocolate stall at Albert Cuyp market

Yes, I am a giggling school girl at heart.

Me with bikes on a bridge over a canal. Can't get more specific.

View of Amsterdam walking back from the Stedelijk Museum (x3)

Israel post-Academy.

Netta and me in Tel Aviv

Dinner with Ilan in Haifa. Non kosher burgers at a burger bar.

Ilan in bacon bliss.

Me in Shuk ha Carmel (Tel Aviv). Take THAT Taglit rules.

LAST farewell shots.

Me and Alan

Mike, Sib and Spitty

The guys

The girls

The madrichim.

The couples of academy three. From background to foreground:
Myles and Dani, Alan and me, Brad and Mel, Ron and Tash (minus the hickey)

More 'farewell' photos:

Ilan and me
Inbal and me
Mike, his phone, and me
Me throttling Brett - expressing how I felt during much of the trip
On the bus - where I was for much of the trip

Farewell Academy Free!

Me and Ido; me and Sib; Nash looking down my top; me with Tal and Netta; Hannah, Steph and me.

The Bar Kochba caves.

Jonno, Alan and me; Candice, Steph, Lana, Jonno, Ido and Nadia.

Steph and Hannah. Scary stuff. ONE!

Yotvata. mmm... shocko be sakit.

Netta mistreating a cow.

The infamous wall. This part was in Jerusalem. Little person at the bottom is Netta.

Volunteering for Table to Table, I'm picking clementines.

Netta, Dani and Mel hard at work; Gilaad getting into the spirit of things by taking his shirt off.

Snorkeling in Eilat. Freezing. Ron, Ricky and Dave.


Climbing; at the top of yet another mountain.

Gilaad and Ron meditating; Brad descending with me behind him (climbing down gracefully)

The boat cruise in Eilat
Ben Gurion's home.

His study (x2)

Visiting an IDF base.

Fire fighters do their stuff for us; then pose.

UPDATE: more photos from new year's - thanks Alan.

Ella, Mel, Tash, Tal, Steph, Me and Jacqui

Shelley, me, Alan and Mel

New Year's - Netta and my right arm.

IDF base near Lebanon border.

Looking at weapons; me in a tank.

Mega event (extreme!)

Netta, Hannah and Steph; Mike and Sib.